Tools: 3 steps to install your Review Widget

Tools: 3 steps to install your Review Widget

Holly Jones


20 February, 2017


3 steps to install your Review Widget 


Why bother installing a widget to your website?

Because vendors Googling your name and searching for you online are looking for some guarantees that you’re the best agent for them, and your vendor and buyer reviews tell them exactly why they should choose you.


Making your reviews seen by as many people as possible should be a priority to you. Vendor feedback is arguably the most important marketing asset you have.

“Vendor feedback is arguably the most important marketing asset you have.”

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Who has access to Review Widgets?


If you’re on a Starter or Professional level subscription you have access yo your own personal review widget and you should be making use it as it builds trust with potential vendors.


The RateMyAgent Review Widget is one of our most popular tools with over 500 agents using it to their reviews to a wider audience. 


To upgrade your subscription email or head to your Agent Dashboard.


3 steps to install a widget


It’s simple to set up because this is one you just send to your website team. All you need to do is send an email from your Agent Dashboard.


  1. Log in to your Agent Dashboard and select ‘Widget’ from the left-hand menu bar.
  2. You’ll see a box to the right of the page with some web code in. Hit ’email code’ and enter your web team’s email.
  3. Click send and the code will be sent to your website tech team. They will know what to do.


Ask your website manager to sort this out for you.  (The email button is just on the right of the screen)


Find out more about Review Widgets in our Agent Helpdesk.


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