How to promote your Agent of the Year award

How to promote your Agent of the Year award

Josiah Eadie


Getting the most out of your 2019 award win


So you've taken out a prestigious Agent of the Year title for 2019




With over 34,000 registered profiles on RateMyAgent, winning your suburb, city or state is a massive achievement and puts you in the top performing 6% of real estate agents and agencies in the country. 

"If you've taken out a title in Agent of the Year you're in the top 6% of agents & agencies in the country"

You're helping to change the face of real estate by providing excellent customer service, and we think everyone should know about it. 



5 ways to make sure your Agent of the Year win is noticed 

1. Set up an Ongoing Promoter campaign*

Your Agent of the Year award is a powerful marketing tool that can be used for the next 12 months. An Ongoing Promoter Campaign will convert your a award into a digital ad and promote it to people in your market. A $100 weekly campaign will mean your ad will be seen over one million times and clicked on over 1,000 times. 


To set up an Ongoing Promoter Campaign contact our support team at



2. Use the Agent of the Year brand assets in your print & digital marketing  

We've designed personalised assets for 2019 winners to make sure you can easily market your win across multiple channels. You'll find them in your Agent Dashboard under the 'Awards' tab, ready to share on both digital platforms and print media.


Explore what's there and showcase your award title even more. There are social media images to share, DL templates to help design your next letterbox drop and poster templates for your office window.



View dashboard




3. Order a personalised trophy** 

The Agent of the Year Awards recognise over 4700 award titles, from suburb level, to Top 100 Agents in Australia. Unfortunately we can't send you all a complimentary winners trophy - but we have designed personalised, individual trophies, which can be ordered from your Dashboard to display in your office. (Of course they're tax deductible!) 


Purchase trophy



4. Share share share on social

Personalised assets with your name, head shot and award title have been designed for all winners so you can easily push your win on social platforms.


You'll also find personalised social media page cover photos for your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, so you can push your marketing even further. 



5. Add branding to your email signature 

Don't forget that every email you send out to your database is a chance to market your Agent of the Year win and your RateMyAgent profile. Add a link to your email signature so customers can easily find your reviews and see your award-winning ranking.

"Every email you send out is a chance to market your Agent of the Year win and your RateMyAgent profile."


Finally look out for a certificate in the post 

As a 2019 Agent of the Year award winner you'll receive an official award certificate, personalised with your name and award on so you can make sure people visiting your office can see that you're at the top of your game. These are also available to download in your dashboard.


Look out for your certificate in the post in late February 2018 and make sure you visit your agent dashboard. 



View dashboard



*Available with Promoter Premium: Promoting award wins is available with Promoter Premium – a feature available to all agent and agency subscriptions. Simply go to your Promoter dashboard to start using Premium!

**Trophies are not available for New Zealand award categories in 2019.

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