5 reasons your vendor hasn't reviewed you (& how to fix them)

5 reasons your vendor hasn't reviewed you (& how to fix them)

Harry Tunnecliffe


5 reasons your vendor hasn't reviewed you (& how to fix them)



A cracking sale for your vendor normally means they’re happy to give you a positive review for your RateMyAgent profile, but what happens when you don’t see that review come through? And more importantly, how do you go about following that vendor up?


There could be a few reasons why your vendor hasn’t reviewed your work, and in most cases, it’s not because they haven’t had a good experience. Here’s some insights into why your review hasn’t been written, and some ideas to make it happen.



1. They don’t realise it’s important 

If your vendor is new to the property space they may not realise how their positive endorsement can help you stand out. Some may not even realise why you need a review, after all, their house is sold, so your job is done, right!


Solution: When you speak to your vendor about a review make sure you highlight that their feedback is important to you. Remind them that their review will help other people looking to sell in the area choose the right agent.



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2. They’ve simply forgotten about the email

Even though, as the agent, you’ve done all the work, your vendor is probably feeling a little bit mentally drained and a little overwhelmed at the tasks ahead – such as moving house! They’ve probably just missed the email.


Solution: Don’t worry. RateMyAgent actually sends up to six email reminders if your vendor hasn’t completed your review (one a week for six weeks). If the vendor is still keen, we’ll make sure they know the link from you is there. 

“25,628 vendors in Australia used RateMyAgent in 2018 to research and choose an agent, so your vendor reviews are actually helping new sellers make informed decisions – and pick you over the competition.”


3. They weren’t sure what to write

Not everyone is a wordsmith or comfortable writing reviews, so your vendor may just not know where to start or what to say.


Solution: Send your vendor a link to your profile page on RateMyAgent so they can look at your other reviews and get an idea of what to write. Once they realise they just need to write a few sentences they’ll be more comfortable, and you can add one more review to help improve your page.


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4. The email has gone to a spam folder

Has this particular vendor ignored other emails you’ve sent? It could be that some of their mail is being filtered to a spam folder, which means they may not have even seen the link yet.


Solution: As a member of RateMyAgent, you can actually see if your vendor has opened the email.


Simply go to RateMyAgent, log in to your account, click on ‘Agent Dashboard’ from the drop down menu under your name. Then click ‘Reviews’ on the left-hand side menu. Click on ‘pending reviews’ and you’ll be shown a list of all the review emails you’ve sent.


You’ll see two columns, one labelled ‘Request sent’, one labelled ‘Email Opened’. In the ’email opened’ column if there’s a cross showing then your vendor hasn’t opened the email yet. Give them a bit more time. If the cross is still there after a few weeks you may want to check the email has been seen in their Inbox.


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5. They weren’t as happy as they made out

The situation is this, you’ve had a cracking sale for your vendor, they’re beyond happy and really thankful for all your hard work and help. They’ve said they’re happy to give you a review on RateMyAgent and are keen to let other vendors out there know that you’re a solid choice when they’re looking to sell their house… but then nothing?


Solution: Feedback in any form is vital – good and bad, so if everything seemed to go well but you’ve heard nothing, it could be worth checking in to see if something’s wrong. This will let you troubleshoot any problems the vendor had, but didn’t’ actually highlight, and let you check in on the above four points and get that review.



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