RateMyAgent reaches 500,000 reviews!

RateMyAgent reaches 500,000 reviews!

Mark Armstrong



500,000 reviews on RateMyAgent

RateMyAgent launched in June 2014 with two goals:


  • to support great real estate agents
  • to make great agents easier for consumers to find.


Just over four years later – thanks to the support of agents and consumers alike – RateMyAgent has reached 500,000 reviews. These reviews have helped vendors select over 73,000 agents to sell properties worth a total of over $53 billion.

"RateMyAgent was created to support great agents like you, and make it easier for consumers to find you."




Expanding your digital footprint 

Because every single one of these reviews generates its own unique webpage, each one can be shared through social media, using:


  • Social Media Manager (to schedule automated listings and sales for the days and times when consumers are most likely to be searching); and
  • Agent Promoter (to turn your chosen reviews into attractive display ads and use Google AdWords to target them to the consumers who most want to see them, at the times of day they’re most likely to be receptive).


This means RateMyAgent’s ‘digital footprint’ spreads well beyond the 500,000 reviews themselves. And the bigger the digital footprint, the more powerful it will be for every agent who receives reviews.



Get reviews


Promote reviews


 Share reviews on social



Helping consumers find you faster

97 per cent of consumers look online for local businesses – and with such a big ‘digital footprint’, RateMyAgent makes it much easier for people to find you. Our website receives more than 4 million visits and over 16 million page views each year. 2018 is on track to receive more than 5 million visits and 19 million page views.

RateMyAgent is a great example of how ‘digital gravity’ can work for you. The more reviews it receives, the more URLs it generates, and the more consumers come to the website. As more consumers find RateMyAgent, it receives more traffic and more reviews – which means more exposure for you as a great local agent.



Helping you take control of your online profile

RateMyAgent helps you take more control of your digital presence by:


  • providing a central platform to request and post reviews
  • giving each review a unique webpage
  • making each review shareable through social media, e-newsletters and other distribution channels.


But remember: you’ll only reap the full benefits of participating if you keep your profile active and boost your digital footprint.

RateMyAgent was created to support great agents like you, and make it easier for consumers to find you. The best way to ensure they find you is to make a habit of requesting a review for every transaction, as soon as possible after the contract is signed.



Thank you!

Finally, our heartfelt thanks go out to all the agents who continue to support us. At the rate you’re going, it won’t be long until we reach 1 million reviews!



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