Using the RateMyAgent app will get you more reviews

Using the RateMyAgent app will get you more reviews

Harry Tunnecliffe


For a real estate agent, time is money.


The less time you spend on administrative tasks, the more time you can spend listing, selling and generating income.


The digital world gives you portability, speed and versatility in your personal and professional lives. This creates an environment that has the potential to maximise your productivity on all fronts.


The RateMyAgent App - an app for agents - is a strong example of using the digital world to maximise your productivity

Available now for download from the Google Play and Apple store, the app gives you even more control over your RateMyAgent profile – enabling you to update it between appointments and inspections, on the way home from work, or any other time when you’re on the go.


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"1 in 3 RateMyAgent App users won an Agent of the Year Award in 2018 and 2019."


App users win awards

Thousands of agents are using the RateMyAgent App. In fact 1 in 3 winners of either a 2019 or 2018 Agent of the Year Award use it. What better reason to download the RateMyAgent App today. But why do Agent of the Year winners use the RateMyAgent App?


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The RateMyAgent App enables you to report your results to RateMyAgent in real time

You've just closed a deal and your vendor has signed the papers. Why wait until you get back to the office to report your result? With the RateMyAgent App, you can do this as soon as you jump into the car.


The instant that you report your result, your RateMyAgent profile will automatically update, and so will the all-important ranking that helps you stand out from the crowd.


This way, it’s not just people with a casual interest in selling, but people close to deciding on an agent, who will receive the latest information about your experience and client service – putting you in the most competitive position possible.



You can request reviews on-the-spot to achieve maximum impact

Who doesn’t share in the euphoria of vendors and buyers in the 24 to 48 hours after a transaction?! The papers have been signed, the champagne is flowing and the “Sold” sticker is on the board.


Everyone is in great spirits so it’s the perfect time to ask the vendor and buyer for reviews, before their euphoria settles down and they get on with their everyday lives – not to mention stresses like renovating, packing, moving and changing jobs or schools. 


By requesting reviews while you’re sharing in the sale celebrations, you’re more likely to get in-depth and honest responses that other vendors and buyers can really relate to.


Ask them for reviews in person; then use our RateMyAgent App to generate email requests on-the-spot.

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Report results instantly, to everyone who needs to know 

For every property you sell, there will be specific groups of people who want to know the result: your office; RateMyAgent; RP Data or your state real estate institute; and residents or investors who are tracking property prices in the area. Why make them wait until Saturday night to find out the result online, or Sunday morning to read it in the newspaper?

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There’s a much quicker way to keep everyone in the loop. Simply set up the notification facility on the dashboard of your RateMyAgent profile. Then, every time you use the RateMyAgent App to report a sale result, the app will generate and send an email reporting the result to everyone with an interest in that sale. You can enter as many email addresses as you like, to make sure everyone is in-the-know.


It takes mere minutes – so it’s something you can easily do in those short breaks before or between inspections and appointments or when you're waiting for the kids outside of school.



In a nutshell

The RateMyAgent App cuts down your administration time, while helping you request reviews and circulate sales results sooner – no matter where you are.


And results are clear - agents using the RateMyAgent app are 3x more likely to win an Agent of the Year Award.


Download the app from Google Play or the Apple Store then watch your productivity increase and your RateMyAgent ranking rise!


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