RateMyAgent is at AREC 2018 right now, don't miss out

RateMyAgent is at AREC 2018 right now, don't miss out

Harry Tunnecliffe


28 MAY, 2018

Can't make it to AREC this year? Here's a taste of what you're missing



RateMyAgent is at AREC 2018, and we're the first thing you'll see when you walk through the front door. But what if you can't make it this year? Well, here's just some of what you're missing out on:



New features launched 

We've got two brand new features that will add significant power to your digital marketing arsenal. Visit us at AREC to see them in action, and claim bonus offers - exclusive to attendees!


Feature 1: Property Management

The property management sector of your business can now utilise the full power of RateMyAgent! 

RateMyAgent Leasing is available to all agencies on Enterprise subscriptions.


Feature 2: Ongoing Promoter Campaigns

The latest and greatest digital marketing tool for ALL RateMyAgent subscribers.

What does it look like? Watch Ongoing Promoter Campaigns in action: 






Exclusive offers and giveaways

Everyone visiting RateMyAgent at AREC 2018 can access exclusive offers, including a $100 credit towards your very first Ongoing Promoter Campaign!


And who doesn't love free merch? There's tons of giveaways for everyone who visits RateMyAgent at AREC. You won't find this merch anywhere else, it's exclusive to attendees.





What's next?

If you couldn't make it to AREC this year, you can still check out the newest features we've built for agents across Australia - they're available now. You can also see a full preview of RateMyAgent at AREC 2018 for more detail around what we're offering at Australia's biggest real estate conference.



 Ongoing Promoter Campaigns


Property Management



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