NEW: Customer shortlisting tool & the RateMyAgent App

NEW: Customer shortlisting tool & the RateMyAgent App

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17 August, 2017

If you're an Agent looking for a great way to increase your vendor reach look no further. 

Selling a property is a major decision. Many people take months to make the transition from thinking of selling to biting the bullet and choosing an agent.


In other words, a vendor becomes a vendor long before you know who they are. But they know who you are, because they start watching their local market and the agents who work that territory, looking for evidence of experience and client service.


As they move closer to deciding on an agent, it’s vital to give them the latest information and the best possible impression.


That’s why RateMyAgent has launched a shortlisting tool on every agent’s profile.


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When a potential vendor shortlists you or your agency, it’s a sure sign that you’re on their radar, and that they want to keep a closer eye on your market activity and client service record.



Now that you’re on their radar...

When you list or sell a property, or get a new review, RateMyAgent emails the vendor to let them know.


For privacy reasons, we can’t tell you who they are, or give you their email address – but we can ensure that they receive the latest information from your profile.


This ramps up your communication right when they’re getting serious about selling and choosing an agent. When you’re shortlisted, every property you list or sell, and every review you receive, is a good news story that reaches the potential vendor at exactly the right time – showing them that you’re an experienced agent with consistently great client feedback.



Targeted communication plus volume = maximum exposure

The more people who shortlist you, the more people who are actively engaging with you (even if you don’t know them yet!) And the more people who shortlist you, the more people hear about your market activity.

"When you list or sell a property, or get a new review, RateMyAgent emails the vendor to let them know."

In the coming months, we’ll be able to tell you how many people have shortlisted you – giving you a stronger sense of your visibility in the local market.



Make the most of shortlisting, with the new RateMyAgent App

The new consumer shortlisting feature opens up your lines of communication to people who have taken the next step beyond casually browsing RateMyAgent, and are seriously thinking of selling within your local market.


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By this stage, it could come down to reading one review that resonates with them and swings the decision in your favour. To ensure that they receive the exact information they need, right at the time they need it most, it’s vital to update your profile with every listing, sale and review as soon as they happen.


Read more about the RateMyAgent App here


At the touch of a button, your new RateMyAgent App enables you to update your profile in real time, no matter where you are during your busy workday. This way, it’s not just people with a casual interest in selling, but people close to deciding on an agent, who will receive the latest information about your experience and client service – putting you in the most competitive position possible.


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