Social Media Manager - join the conversation

Social Media Manager - join the conversation

Mark Armstrong


28 MARCH, 2018

Social Media Manager - join the conversation 



How many times have you made a coffee at work, or been out at a social event, when a colleague or friend asks, “Did you see such-and-such on Facebook? It’s gone viral!” The topic becomes an instant focus of conversation – much the same as the ‘water cooler’ chats or ‘BBQ stoppers’ of years ago, when people gathered to discuss the latest plot twist in a TV drama.


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Social media starts conversations 

These days, the power of social media to start conversations is just as strong as traditional media like TV, radio or newspapers. The big difference is that social media conversations stem from a highly personalised medium where people can choose what they want to see – and they may know the content provider personally.


According to the 2017 Social Media Report from Sensis, 79% of internet users have a social media profile - a 10% increase from the previous year. Half use it daily; while 35% use it more than five times a day.


Facebook is by far the preferred platform, used by 94% of those with a social media profile, for an average of 10 hours per week. 







Online influence 

Online blogs and reviews exert a substantial influence on purchasing decisions, with 60% of social media users saying they read them before making a purchase. 58% read up to five reviews. Others read more than five reviews.

"60% of social media users say they read reviews before making any purchase."

And social media use is not just a ‘young person’s game’. According to the Sensis report, 52% of 40–49 year-olds, and 38% of 50-64 year-olds, use social media at least once a day. This makes social media a key information source for people throughout their ‘property lifecycle’; whether they’re looking to sell their first property to scale up to a larger home, sell their family home to scale down, or sell an investment property to realise a capital gain.



Position yourself in the online information stream

Despite all this, the social media presence of small businesses - including real estate agents and agencies - is lagging behind consumer use. According to the Sensis report, 48% of small businesses have a social media presence, compared with 79% of large businesses.


The biggest barrier for businesses in using social media is creating interesting and diverse content for their target market – yet the most effective kind of content a small business can offer is right under their noses, in the form of customer feedback.


Unlike information from traditional mass media, information fed through social media platforms like Facebook usually comes from a friend, friend-of-a-friend or someone else close to the user’s immediate circle. The fewer the degrees of separation, the higher the level of trust.



Set up your social scheduling 

Setting up your Social Media Manager is pretty simple. All Basic level and Professional level subscribers have access to the tool. 


Just head to your Dashboard and select Social Media Manager from the drop-down menu. 


Find out more about our Social Media Manager and make your social media content a topic of today’s ‘water cooler conversations’




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