How to: Easily request your missing reviews

How to: Easily request your missing reviews

Harry Tunnecliffe


How to: Easily request your missing reviews


In 2016 we launched the RMA Score and the Agent of the Year Awards, both of which are hugely influenced by the consistency at which agents request and receive reviews.


This means that locking in your missing reviews is time well spent, especially if you're looking to boost your digital marketing profile.


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Customers are happy to review you 

As an example 2018 saw us receive over 157,000 reviews, so it’s safe to say that the majority of vendors are more than willing to jump online and leave you feedback on RateMyAgent, even a few months after their sale or purchase has taken place. 


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Find your missing reviews

Locking in missing reviews is easier than you think.


Step 1 is to find out which transactions you are missing reviews on. We've made this easy. 


Head to your Dashboard and go to the 'Reviews' tab in your menu. The number of your sales which haven't received a review will be highlighted in red bubble.  


The below example of an agent Dashboard shows that this agent has 45 missing reviews that they can chase. 


Agent Dashboard


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Step 2 is to request your missing reviews. Easy. Each new review request you send will lower the number of reviews you're missing. 


Step 3 is to check if the reviews are coming in. To do this, head to 'Pending Reviews'. Here you'll see which reviews have been requested but not completed. You can re-request these reviews to give your customers a polite reminder. Try personalising the email that goes with the reminder and use these tips to lock the reviews in


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