Put yourself in the running for a 2019 award early
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Put yourself in the running for a 2019 award early

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23 February, 2018

The RateMyAgent 2018 Agent of the Year Awards have been announced

That's right - you can view all the 2018 Agent of the Year winners here. If you're not one of the winners, then get cracking now for the 2019 awards.

"Now is the time to get in the running for the RateMyAgent 2019 Agent of the Year Awards"

  • Your RMA Score (the number of reviews received as a proportion of the properties you sell) is one of the most important factors in winning an Award. You receive this score in your Monday emails from us (not getting them? click here).
  • 2018 Agent of the Year winners finished up with RMA Scores of around 76 per cent on average. That’s double the national average!

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Put yourself in the running

If you want to be genuinely competitive for a 2019 Agent of the Year award, you’ll need to push your RMA Score above 70 per cent now.

Anecdotally, the sooner you request a review after a sale, the higher the chance that the vendor will post a review. Agents and agencies at the top of their markets are doing two things right:

  • They’re integrating review requests into their routine sale process – requesting reviews as they sell each property, instead of waiting weeks and requesting them in batches.
  • They’re requesting reviews as soon as possible after the sale, when the memory and euphoria of the sale is fresh in the vendor’s mind. Some even request reviews while they’re still celebrating with the vendor and the ink on the contract has barely dried!


How to qualify for a suburb award. 

To qualify for a suburb award you must have at least 5 sales in that suburb and 5 unique seller reviews posted for the 2018 calendar year. Buyer reviews are not counted in the awards and multiple vendor reviews received for the same property sale are only counted as 1 review for awards calculation.


Think you’re too busy?

Requesting a review takes just minutes; especially if you use the new RateMyAgent App. Available from the Google Play and Apple stores, the app empowers agents to requests review between appointments and inspections, on the way home from work, or any other time you’re on-the-go.


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