How they work: two new ways to get more reviews

How they work: two new ways to get more reviews

Mark Armstrong


8 MAY, 2018

How they work: two new ways to get more reviews

There are now two new ways to boost your review count on RateMyAgent.


The first gives agents the ability to post existing reviews, and the second gives consumers the opportunity to post reviews without a request from their real estate agent. Below are some detailed steps explaining how each new way to review works.



Maintaining transparency standards

Remember: although we’re expanding the ways you can collect reviews, our standards remain the same.


  • Every review on our website is verified, or clearly labelled.
  • Every review is linked to a specific transaction.
  • We do not allow anonymous reviews – and we never will. For every review posted, we confirm the reviewer’s identity through their email address.
  • No-one can post a review on RateMyAgent without providing identifying information.


By giving you more ways to collect reviews, we’re making our website more transparent and accessible to consumers – and helping you learn from their feedback. It really is a win–win situation. Here's how they work:



1. Agents post an existing review – how it works:

RateMyAgent has always been an effective and efficient way to collect your requested reviews on one platform. Now, we’re boosting your ability to collect reviews by enabling you to post existing reviews that you may have received through other avenues such as thank-you cards, emails, or other online platforms.


The process is super-simple. The video below outlines how you can request a review (existing functionality) and post a review (new functionality).



Post existing reviews now


Posting an existing review not only links the review to the relevant transaction, it generates a unique webpage – providing a powerful marketing tool to use on your own website and social media channels.



2. Consumers search an agent and post a review – how it works:

Anyone who’s bought or sold property through a real estate agent in the previous 12 months can post a review.


To ensure reviews are current, RateMyAgent only accepts reviews for properties sold within the last 12 months. Again, the process is super-simple.


  1. The consumer searches for the relevant agent and property, then identifies themselves as the ‘vendor’ or ‘buyer’. (If they weren’t the vendor or buyer, they can’t post a review.)
  2. We verify their identity via their mobile number and email address and send them an email with a link they can click to leave a review.
  3. The review will then go through to our support team who will check to ensure it meets our RateMyAgent Policies.
  4. Agents will be notified via email when a review is posted.


*you can view the RateMyAgent Policies here



Post existing reviews now


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