Promoter - How to get started

Promoter - How to get started

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3 MARCH, 2018

Promoter - How to have your best reviews, seen across the web


Promoter is an exciting tool, powered by RateMyAgent and Google, which allows real estate professionals to turn their best reviews into targeted digital adverts to reach a wider network of customers.


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It's not as complicated as it sounds, it only takes three steps to set up and launch a Promoter campaign.


Check out the great video tutorial below for a full walkthrough on how it's done.




Promote a review


AUS: Promote a review



There are three things to be aware of when choosing a review.


Step 1: Select the review you wish to promote.

The most important thing is to choose a review that has a great heading. This heading will become that main content used on the ad itself to entice a viewer to click on your ad.


Secondly, make sure you’re happy with the image. Because the image of the property will be pulled into the ad.


And lastly, make sure you’re happy with the content of the review - to make sure that is says the right things.



Step 2: Decide your audience reach and ad duration

It's now time to decide how much you want to spend, use the toggles to increase or decrease the spend, or select one of the pre-set amounts. 


As you adjust your total spend you'll notice the estimated number of ad views changes depending on your budget. 


Next up, set how long you’d like the promotion to run by choosing a duration from the drop-down menu.



Step 3: Confirm and launch

All that remains is to make payment by entering your credit card details or selecting a previously saved payment method.


NZ: Launch Promoter


AUS: Launch Promoter


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