How to win Agent of the Year in 2020

How to win Agent of the Year in 2020

Harry Tunnecliffe


26 SEPTEMBER, 2018

Agent of the Year Awards – Request reviews now to put yourself in the hot seat to win in 2020!

How to win – Sales

How to win – Property Management

How to win – Rising Star

How to win – Agency Network

How to win – New Zealand

Review Deadline – For 2020 Awards



RateMyAgent's Agent of the Year Awards recognise and reward real estate professionals who provide truly excellent client service.


Each year the awards get bigger and better. In 2018 we created new awards categories for Rising Stars and Office Networks, in 2019 we introduced national awards for Property Management and New Zealand Sales. In 2020, we have plans to extend Property Management and New Zealand awards to city and suburb & more ... much more!


Here's your guide to winning an Agent of the Year Award in 2020.



Real estate sales agents and agencies: how to enter, and how to win

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Once again this year, Agent of the Year Awards are awarded to Australian real estate agents at four levels: Suburb, City, State/Territory and National.

The same applies for Australian real estate agencies.


Last year, the Rising Star Award and Agency Network Awards were added to the Australian awards. Those awards will return again in 2020.

"To put yourself and your agency in contention for a 2020 award, you’ll need to collect reviews for properties sold throughout the 2019 calendar year."


To qualify for any of these awards you must have 5 confirmed sales in the 2019 calendar year and have received at least 5 seller reviews in the specific location. For example if an agent has sold 5 properties in a suburb but only has 4 seller reviews they'll not qualify.

You should aim for a high RMA Score: that is, the number of positive vendor reviews as a percentage of overall sales numbers.

"Remember – winning is NOT just a question of sales volumes."

Remember – winning is NOT just a question of sales volumes. If you sell 10 properties and receive 8 positive vendor reviews, your RMA Score will be 80% … but if you sell 20 properties and receive 12 positive vendor reviews, your RMA Score will be just 60%. And the RMA Score is one of the main determinants of winning in 2020.


Read more: 6 things to know about your RMA  Score



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There's some extra criteria for Rising Star and Agency Network awards.


Rising Star Award:

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To qualify as a Rising Star in 2020 your real estate career must have commenced after 1 January 2017. This means you must have listed and sold your first property within the last 3 years and have at least 5 sales and 5 seller reviews posted for the 2019 calendar year.


Rising Star nominations will open towards the end of 2019.



Agency Network Awards:

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We have 3 Agency Network Awards based on agencies with 20 offices or less (small), between 21 and 100 offices (medium) and above 100 offices (large). There's one National award for each Agency Network category. Awards are calculated in the same way as Agent and Agency sales awards.



What about the new ways to get reviews? 

Back in May 2018, RateMyAgent released 2 new ways to get reviews on your profile. 1 of the new ways to get reviews – posting existing reviews – will only count towards Agent of the Year Award calculations if the review becomes verified, and of course recommends you or your agency.


Read more about Verified Reviews here.



What about property management agencies? Can we enter? 

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Yes! In 2019 the Agent of the Year Awards expanded to include property management departments – the unsung heroes and financial anchors of all successful real estate agencies. Any property management team whose is collecting reviews is eligible to enter.


In 2019, the Property Management Agency of the Year Awards recognised the top 10 property management teams in each State and Territory, and the top 20 nationally. The overall winner in each State and Territory – and ultimately, the National winner – will be announced at the Agent of the Year Awards in  February 2020.


RateMyAgent recognises that property management is an ongoing service based on building long-term relationships with landlords. By contrast, client relationships in real estate sales are largely transactional.


This means the Property Management Agency of the Year Award will be calculated differently from the sales Awards. The property management teams that receive the highest number of unique landlord reviews will win the Awards.




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Request reviews from the following 3 categories of clients to make your property management team most competitive for the Award:


  1. Every landlord currently on your books (including those you signed before 2019)
  2. Every landlord you’ve signed so far in 2019
  3. Every landlord you sign until the end of 2019




Welcoming our Kiwi cousins

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With RateMyAgent’s recent expansion to New Zealand in 2019, we expanded the Agent of the Year Awards to recognise and reward the very best Kiwi real estate agents and agencies.


The New Zealand awards in 2019 were based on the total number of unique vendor reviews. RateMyAgent calculated and notified New Zealand’s top 10 agents and top 10 agencies. 


To put yourself in contention for a New Zealand 2020 Agent of the Year award, remember to request a vendor review for every property you sell. 2020's calculations will reflect the same calculations as the Australian sales awards.

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In a nutshell …

What are the benefits?

Each review comes from a legitimate vendor or landlord and is linked to a specific transaction or property – so your Agent of the Year, Agency of the Year or Property Management Agency of the Year Award is a credible, objective indicator of your client service professionalism.


Your award and logo are yours to promote for an entire year. Use them throughout your traditional and digital marketing material for maximum effect!


What’s the deadline?


All reviews for sales (Australia and New Zealand) and property management (Australia) throughout the 2019 calendar year must be collected by 11:59 pm on 5 January 2020.





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