Your digital footprint
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Your digital footprint

Harry Tunnecliffe


24 AUGUST, 2018

Digital footprints – what they are, and how to make yours bigger

The numbers are crystal clear: having a widespread online presence (a big “digital footprint”) is vital if you want potential buyers and sellers to find your reviews.

The latest research from Bright Local shows that 97 per cent of consumers look online for local businesses. A huge 85 per cent read and trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

"The bigger your footprint, the easier you are for people to find."

If you’re like most real estate agents, you probably only have a small digital footprint – your own website, and maybe a real estate listing portal. You have to rely on people stumbling across you online; rather than reaching out and making yourself easy to find. 

Compare this with celebrities, for example. They have huge digital footprints. They turn up in hundreds of results on search engines like Google … all with the mere click of a mousepad. The bigger their footprint, the easier they are for people to find. 

Boosting your digital footprint is easy. Here’s how. 


Get reviews


Promote reviews


Share reviews on social



Create a unique webpage for every review

A great way to increase your footprint is to make sure that every review you receive creates its own unique webpage (URL). You can do this by requesting new reviews and posting existing reviews through RateMyAgent.

Let’s say you have 50 reviews on RateMyAgent. Basically, each one is a ‘microsite’, because each one has unique content. Google identifies this content as unique, so your reviews will be easier to find when buyers and sellers search for them online.


Digital Footprint


Don’t get stuck in concrete!

A small digital footprint means your reviews are ‘stuck in concrete’ – you can’t share or promote them across the web or in social media, so you’re not exploiting their true potential.

To avoid this scenario and increase your footprint, you can drive traffic to any review ‘microsite’ you choose by sharing it through social media and email marketing. The more traffic you drive to a review, the more Google picks up on it, and the easier it is for people to find it when they’re searching for reviews of real estate agents in your local market.



Leverage your reviews and supercharge your marketing power

RateMyAgent's Promoter is another powerful way to boost your digital footprint. Promoter turns your chosen reviews into attractive display advertisements; then harnesses the power of Google’s powerful AdNetwork by displaying your review thousands of times to buyers and sellers in your local area. Just one review can really supercharge your digital footprint. It’s a low-risk investment with a big return!




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