INSIGHT: Retargeting with cookies 101

INSIGHT: Retargeting with cookies 101

Josiah Eadie


9 May, 2017

Understanding the relationship between cookies and retargeting


You’ve probably heard of cookies ... no, not the kind you can eat ... the digital kind that tell a website when you, and your vendors, have been there before. Cookies enable your computer to remember things that make your browsing experience faster and smoother when you return to a website – like which links you clicked last time, or (for online shopping) which items you put into your cart.


You're already aware that RateMyAgent is a powerful platform that enables real estate agents and agencies to get their vendor reviews in front of the people who want to see them most – but thanks to digital retargeting technologies that use retargeting with cookies to track potential clients as they move around the internet, you can ensure that your reviews stay at the forefront of their minds; even when they’re browsing other websites.

"Agent Promoter ensures your reviews stay at the forefront of vendors' minds; even when they’re browsing other websites."

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RateMyAgent’s newest tool Agent Promoter empowers you to highlight your chosen reviews and format them into attractive digital display advertisements; it then uses digital retargeting technologies like AdWords via the Google Network to re-advertise your reviews on other websites that vendors in your market visit.



What’s more, because these retargeting technologies are ‘smart’ tools, they’re designed to better understand your target market’s web browsing patterns over time.

The more often you use Agent Promoter, the more accurately it identifies the people who are most interested in your services as an agent – presenting your reviews at the times and places they most want to see them.  

Promoter boosts your client cut-through and maximises the return-on-investment for each advertising dollar you spend. You keep control of your budget and only pay for the reach (or number of impressions) that you want your promotion to extend. What’s more, you can track the ROI of each advertisement to see which ones are gaining the most traction, and adjust your spending accordingly.


You don’t have to be a ‘tech head’ to take advantage of Agent Promoter - RateMyAgent has done the design and technical legwork. Just set a budget, choose your target location, select the review – and let us take care of the rest.




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