NEW: Now you can manage your Ongoing Promoter Campaign

NEW: Now you can manage your Ongoing Promoter Campaign

Harry Tunnecliffe


4 OCTOBER, 2018

It's now easier than ever to get results from your Ongoing Promoter Campaign

An Ongoing Promoter Campaign harnesses the power of RateMyAgent's Promoter (a tool that turns your best reviews and Agent of the Year wins* into digital display ads) and goes to another level – allowing you to establish a digital marketing footprint across the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


This latest update gives you access to the full power of Ongoing Promoter Campaigns in your RateMyAgent dashboard. Just click "Promoter" in your RateMyAgent dashboard and head to the "Manage Promotions" section or, click here.


It's simple – choose 1 of your reviews or awards* to be promoted each month. You can schedule your reviews and awards 12 months in advance. The new update allows you to change the order or your schedule, so you can add and remove reviews and awards as often as you want. Here's a screenshot example.


Here's what you can now do: 

- Select the order of your reviews and awards for your Ongoing Promoter Campaign

- NEW:  edit the order of your reviews and ads will appear in your campaign

- NEW:  add and remove reviews and awards to your campaign

Track performance with these metrics:

- Current Promotion: the ad you have running this month

- Upcoming Promotion: next month's ad and beyond

- Total ad views: number of potential vendors who've seen your ad

- Total ad clicks: number of potential vendors who've clicked your ad & viewed your profile



Promote reviews



Is an Ongoing Promoter Campaign cost effective?

It is well known that digital advertising is far more targeted than traditional advertising like print, radio or television. Traditional advertising means spending thousands of dollars per campaign - and that campaign usually runs for a short amount of time. You might reach a lot of people, but the vast majority won’t have an interest in the service you’re offering. 



"The commission from winning just one listing with Promoter makes Ongoing Promoter Campaigns profitable."



With an Ongoing Promoter Campaign, ads are only seen by potential clients in your target market, based on their previous browsing habits. So no wasted spend.


But the question remains - do you get a solid return on investment?


The commission from winning just one listing with Promoter makes Ongoing Promoter Campaigns profitable. Here's an example:


As of February 2018 the median house price in Australia was $570,249. If you take a 2% commission on that sale, you get $11,404. If you spend $800 per month on an Ongoing Promoter Campaign, you'll spend $9,600 in 12 months. And with hundreds and thousands of people viewing your ads and clicking on them, it's not just single sales - but winning multiple listing is possible.





Views and clicks - how they help you

You may have heard the phrases "get more views" and "get more clicks" before. Here's a quick way to understand how both views and clicks can actually help you.


"When a person in your market is ready to sell, you'll be top of mind for that first phone call." 


Views are the amount of times your ad is seen, and clicks are how many times your ad is clicked - taking a potential client to your RateMyAgent profile. So it's clear how clicks help you. More clicks = more people seeing your profile. They'll be more likely to remember you and more likely to contact you first.


Views are a bit different. All views are not equal and having the most views is not the aim of the game. Views need to be targeted or they have no relevance. Views need to be from people that are likely to be interested in selling their property.


This is where the power of Ongoing Promoter excels as, with the help of Google Ads, it tracks browsing habits of people in your target market, categorises then as interested in real estate and then places ads in front of them, on the websites they browse, as they browse them - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


When a person in your market is ready to sell, you'll be top of mind for that first phone call. 


For more detail on this targeting process, see where your ads are seen in Ongoing Promoter Campaigns.



Promote reviews




*Award promotions available with Promoter Premium

Promoting award wins is available with Promoter Premium – a feature available to all agent and agency subscriptions. Simply go to your Promoter dashboard to start using Premium! 




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