NEW: Ongoing Promoter Campaigns launched
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NEW: Ongoing Promoter Campaigns launched

Josiah Eadie


2 March, 2018

Dip your toe in the water of digital marketing, 
with Ongoing Promoter Campaigns

On 22 February, agents from around the country gathered at the inaugural RMAOpen conference to discuss some of the industry’s most pressing issues, including adapting to change.

During the conference we polled participants and found that, although 100% said technology was helping them win more business, 40% said they weren’t spending enough on digital marketing. Another 13% said they just don't understand digital marketing.

40% of agents said they don't spend enough on digital marketing!

If so many agents agree that technology helps win business, why do so many agents feel that they're not spending enough on digital marketing? Perhaps it’s an ingrained habit from many years of using traditional marketing techniques like print advertising, billboards and letterbox drops. Maybe they're wary of change, or they feel they don’t have time to learn the ropes of digital marketing.

Whatever the reason, RateMyAgent's newest tool, Ongoing Promoter Campaigns, provides a way to help you dip your toe in the water of digital marketing.

Ongoing Promoter Campaigns provide a way to help you dip your toe in the water of digital marketing.

Learn more: Ongoing Promoter


Many agents have told us how much they love Agent Promoter, which turns the best of your client reviews and/or news of your 2018 Agent of the Year awards into attractive display ads. Google AdWords technology then tracks the movements of potential clients in your target geographical area as they move around the internet, and presents your ads at the times and places they’re most likely to see them.


More than 1 million ad displays, for just $100 a week

Promoter campaigns run for a short time and involve one display ad. By going a step further with an Ongoing Promoter Campaign, you’ll establish a digital marketing footprint across the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Your brand will be displayed to your target market more than 1 million times per year, and more than 1000 potential clients will click on your reviews and/or your Agent of the Year award to find out more about the quality of your service.


A campaign that evolves as you do!

With an Ongoing Promoter Campaign, you can select display ads showcasing the reviews of your choice, and/or your 2018 Agent of the Year award, and schedule them in any order you like. If a great new review comes up during the campaign, or you want to showcase your new 2018 Agent of the Year award, simply log in and replace an existing scheduled display ad with the new one.

For as little as $100 (+gst) a week – the cost of a single letterbox drop – you can enjoy a year’s worth of brand exposure to your target market. It’s a low-risk, cost-effective way to develop a consistent, long-term digital presence.


Learn more: Ongoing Promoter