Promote your Agent of the Year Award with Promoter Premium

Promote your Agent of the Year Award with Promoter Premium

Harry Tunnecliffe


21 February, 2019

Get your Agent of the Year Award in front of the right people

Promoter is an exciting tool, powered by RateMyAgent and Google, which allows agents & agencies to turn their best reviews into targeted digital adverts to reach a wider network of customers – allowing you to establish a digital footprint across the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Promoter Premium is a new addition that allows agents and agencies to promote their Agent of the Year Award wins, as well as their best reviews. Awards and reviews can rotate on a monthly basis as part of an Ongoing Promoter Campaign, and be added or removed as desired.



Promote your awards



RateMyAgent is a Google Premier Partner



RateMyAgent is a Premier Partner with Google, providing access to exclusive support, mentoring and collaboration with Google that allows RateMyAgent to build a world-class product for agents and agencies.


Promoter has been designed to allow agents to benefit from the latest Google technologies in a few clicks, without having to master Google's complex, and constantly evolving platform.


As a Premier Partner, RateMyAgent stays on the bleeding edge of Google technologies, ensuring agents and agencies are getting the most efficient, effective digital marketing results.




Promoter Premium gives you more

As mentioned, Promoter Premium allows you to promote your Agent of the Year Award wins.

It also gives you up to 20% more views on your Promoter ads – with no increase in spend, and new ad templates to make your reviews and awards stand out.


How to get Promoter Premium:

Simply be on any agent or agency subscription and you will have access to Promoter Premium.


So if you're not already, start any subscription with RateMyAgent to promote your Agent of the Year Award wins and experience the power of Promoter Premium.



Promote your awards



Return on investment:  Is Promoter cost effective?

It is well known that digital advertising is far more targeted than traditional advertising like print, radio or television. Traditional advertising means spending thousands of dollars per campaign - and that campaign usually runs for a short amount of time. You might reach a lot of people, but the vast majority won’t have an interest in the service you’re offering. 



"The commission from winning just one listing with Promoter makes an Ongoing Promoter Campaigns profitable."



With an Ongoing Promoter Campaign, ads are only seen by potential clients in your target market, based on their previous browsing habits. So no wasted spend.


But the question remains: do you get a solid return on investment?


The commission from winning just one listing with Promoter makes Ongoing Promoter Campaigns profitable. Here's an example:


As of December 2018 the median house price in Australia was $535,481. If you take a 2% commission on that sale, you get $10,709. If you spend $800 per month on an Ongoing Promoter Campaign, you'll spend $9,600 in 12 months. And with hundreds and thousands of people viewing your ads and clicking on them, not only a single, but multiple listing opportunities will present themselves over time.


Promote your awards




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