Promoter - Supercharge your best Reviews

Promoter - Supercharge your best Reviews

Mark Armstrong


Promoter - Supercharge your best Reviews


Promoter is an exciting tool, powered by RateMyAgent and Google, which allows agents & agencies to turn their best reviews into targeted digital adverts to reach a wider network of customers.


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The digital marketing product has been designed to allow agents to benefit from the latest Google technologies in a few clicks of a button, without having to master Google's complex, and constantly evolving platform. 



Agent Promoter | powered by RateMyAgent and Google


Promoter – managing your digital targeting

With Promoter the digital design work and targeting is done for you, removing the need and the cost of a digital advertising agency.


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When you create your ad using Promoter it will show:

  • your headshot 
  • your name
  • your agency branding (optional)
  • and your review title 


In digital advertising, clarity of information is key and Promoter has been specifically designed to highlight key consumer features and give you powerful digital brand presence across your local markets.




“Promoter supercharges your reviews, your brand, and you!” 

Who get’s targeted?

Google knows how to follow the right people with targeted ads. It happens to you every day and Promoter uses this technology to target your local and near-by property market.


As an example; say you search for a hotel on Google, you may notice that you then see hotel adverts for the next few days, some times consciously, sometimes subconsciously, but the targeting works.


Promoter utilises the same advanced technology, and tactfully targets people as they browse the web with sophisticated re-marketing, but it uses it to promote your reviews. Your advert will be automatically targeted to people interested in real estate to make sure you’re seen by anyone looking to sell in your suburb.


All you need to do is set the budget you feel comfortable with. The more your spend, the higher your potential reach - but you're in control.

 "Benefit from the latest Google technologies without having to master about Google's complex platform."

Trackable ROI for ultimate budget control 

With full control over your budget you can manage a range of Digital Ads at once and track the ROI of each one to see what kind of success you're getting. Brand reach is a key objective for many agents, and with Promoter, you have measurable results. Tracking success is simple and efficient, with results displayed directly in your RateMyAgent Dashboard.



Promoter - giving you simple access to sophisticated re-marketing 

The latest digital marketing trends from Google allow sophisticated re-marketing - meaning your ad campaigns will get to the right people again and again and again, without you having to do anything more than set your budget. The Promoter tool manages everything for you except which review you want to promote - pick your favourites and get them seen today. 



Promote a review


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