Promoter - where will my digital ads be seen?

Promoter - where will my digital ads be seen?

Josiah Eadie


13 FEBRUARY, 2018

Where will my Promoter ads be seen?


Traditional real estate marketing means paying to advertise in specific publications, on certain radio stations or across a particular TV network.

Digital advertising with Promoter works differently. You don’t pay to place your ads on specific websites. You pay to place them wherever, and whenever your target market searches the internet.

Promoter harnesses the digital ads network Google AdWords, which is made up of millions of websites across the web and, by extension, around the world. Promoter decides where to place your ads based on each consumer’s browsing habits.


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If someone in Melbourne is looking at The New York Times website, for example, Promoter won’t dismiss that as a suitable place for your ad, simply because The New York Times is in another country.

"It’s not so much a question of exactly where your ads will be seen, but the fact that they’re appearing where potential clients are browsing."

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Promoter knows that the person looking at this website is located in Melbourne – and that, based on the person’s browsing habits, they already have an interest in looking for agents or property in Melbourne.

If you want to reach someone in that particular target market, Promoter will place your ads on whichever websites most closely reflect that person’s location and browsing habits – in this case, The New York Times.

(The below is a live screen shot - no jokes, Agent Promoter made it to the New York Times!)


agent promoter in the new york time small.jpg



Reaching potential clients, wherever they browse the web

One of the biggest advantages of advertising through Promoter and accessing the Google Ad network is the huge range of websites where your ads are eligible to appear.

They may appear on some of the most highly trafficked sites in Australia, New Zealand and across the world – media sites like US newspapers, Fairfax newspapers and News Ltd newspapers – or special interest websites targeted at a particular consumer base, like

Remember – it’s not so much a question of exactly where your ads will be seen, but the fact that they’re appearing where potential clients are browsing.



Protecting your brand

Of course, there are some websites where you will never want your ads to appear! Promoter has safeguards to ensure that your ads won’t appear on websites with adult content, gambling, or illegal downloading tools. Your ads will never appear on websites that you wouldn't want your brand to be associated with.


Maximising your return-on-investment

Digital advertising is much more finely targeted than traditional advertising through print media, radio or television. Traditional advertising means spending thousands of dollars per campaign. You may reach a lot of people, but the vast majority won’t be interested in the service you’re offering.

By contrast, when you advertise through Promoter and harness Google AdWords, your ads only appear to people who have already shown an interest in your product because of their previous browsing habits. What’s more, this advertising has a much greater return-on-investment, in many cases returning 50,000 ad impressions (people seeing your ads) for $100.

Better targeting + a lower initial outlay = a much higher return-on-investment!

To ensure that potential clients see your ads wherever they ‘browse’ the internet, start your campaign with Promoter today!


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