NEW FEATURE: RateMyAgent App now includes Promoter
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NEW FEATURE: RateMyAgent App now includes Promoter

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22 November, 2017

Don’t sit on a great review!

When potential vendors search, they’re not just looking for good reviews. They want to see recent reviews – evidence that you’re active in the market right now, and that you’re actively seeking feedback from your vendor clients.


The more recent your reviews, the more relevant they are your target market, and the more likely they are to generate leads. So don’t let a great review languish. As soon as you receive it, make sure your target market knows about it!



Design and market a review ad instantly – with Agent Promoter, via our Agent App


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Earlier this year the RateMyAgent App was launched, a portable tool enabling you to report sales results in real time, email them to interested parties, and request client reviews – anytime and anywhere you have a few spare moments.


Maybe you’re waiting for your morning coffee. Perhaps you’re early for a listing appointment, or you’re waiting to pick up the kids. Whenever a ‘micro-moment’ presents itself, make the time count by using the app to access the Promoter tool.


By harnessing the power of Google’s location technology, Promoter gets your reviews in front of the people who most want to see them – local friends and neighbours of the vendors who wrote the reviews.



Three clicks and you’re done!

Designing and marketing a digital ad for your reviews couldn’t be easier:


Click One: As soon as you get a great review, convert it to a digital display ad.


Click Two: Set your advertising spend and duration (we recommend a minimum of 4 weeks).


Click Three: Launch your ad ... and let Google’s location technology do the rest.


Google tracks and adapts to the browsing habits of your target market, so over your campaign, it will become ‘smarter’ at getting your review ad in front of the right people. Another one of the great RateMyAgent tools in your digital marketing arsenal.


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