The RMA Score explained

The RMA Score explained

Harry Tunnecliffe


12 April, 2018

The RMA Score explained


RateMyAgent introduces the RMA Score, a percentage which shows the consistency of your customer reviews, relative to your sales.


The RMA Score will give you an indication of how satisfied your customers are overall. It won’t show on your public profiles for vendors to see. It’s for you to track your customer satisfaction.


As an agent, one thing you have control over is how you leave your vendors feeling. It’s one of the most important things, so we’re highlighting it. You’ll be updated on your personal RMA Score in our weekly email to agents and agencies.


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How the RMA Score is calculated

Your RMA Score is the % of seller recommended reviews received relative to properties sold. 


When a buyer or seller writes a review, they have the option to tick a box saying ‘would recommend this agent’. If they tick Yes, the review is considered to be a recommendation.

Quite simply, this means that the more properties you have recommended reviews for, the higher your percentage will be.


10 properties sold with 10 vendor reviews received = RMA Score of 100%
10 properties with 5 vendor reviews = RMA Score of 50%
10 properties with 1 vendor review = RMA Score of 10%


So, in the example above every review you get would boost your RMA Score by 10%. If you had sold 4 properties, then each review would be worth 25%, and so on.


It's important to know that the RMA Score is a rolling 12-month score. Because of this, it’s subject to change each week as you sell more properties and wait for reviews to come in.

"If you had sold 4 properties, then each review would be worth 25%, and so on."

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How does it feed into Agent of the Year

For the Agent of the Year Awards, your RMA Score is then overlaid with several metrics, the main two are: the number of sold properties in total (rolling 12 month total) and the total sales value of property sold (rolling 12 month total). Together these three main metrics calculate the award rankings.

This means that chasing your reviews and bumping your RMA Score could help you win an Agent of the Year Award.


The deadline for reviews to be collected and on your profile is usually the end of the first week of January. This time around, the deadline is Sunday 6 January 2019.
Nominees for Agent of the Year will be announced shortly after. 


Want to win? Right now is the time to chase your missing seller reviews.


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Agency RMA Score

Agency RMA Scores are worked out the same way.


This means that every time an agent misses a vendor review, your agency RMA Score percentage will drop, so it’s important all agents chase their reviews.

An agency’s RMA Score is based on properties sold exclusively by that agency within the last 12 months. Any reviews received for a sale by an agent who has left the business will still count towards an agency’s RMA Score, but those reviews will not be displayed on their public profile.


"Every time an agent misses a vendor review, an agency RMA Score % will drop, so it’s important all agents chase their reviews."

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