Showcasing great real estate agents and agencies
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Showcasing great real estate agents and agencies

Harry Tunnecliffe


19 MARCH, 2018

Showcasing great real estate agents and agencies – 24/7, all year round

RateMyAgent was built to recognise and support great agents and agencies by giving them a platform to showcase their track record in listing, selling and client service. 


That’s the primary reason we exist.

RateMyAgent was built to recognise and support great agents and agencies...

On the flipside, RateMyAgent is also a consumer-driven platform; a place where buyers and vendors can find unbiased information. When a consumer considers engaging any professional – whether it’s an accountant, a lawyer or a real estate agent – what they want to know is: does this person have the experience to do the job for me? If I choose them, will they do a great job?



From owner to vendor...

Think of any major outlay, like a car or an overseas holiday. Long before you actively take steps to buy the car or book the holiday, you’re looking at new cars on the road or reading travel reviews in a way you wouldn’t usually do – simply because an eventual purchase is in the back of your mind. You’re transitioning from a casual observer into a customer.


This transition primarily takes place on the internet - the source of information that consumers will consult before making any major outlay. They will research the best car deals, hotel offers, holiday destinations and more, before taking the final step - direct contact with the business they are interested in making a purchase or taking the next step with. 


RateMyAgent's Ongoing Promoter Campaigns follow this customer journey. Very few people decide to sell their house quickly. It’s a process of deliberation and discussion that can take many months. That’s the time when agents and agencies need to create an ongoing online presence – so that when someone is ready to call you about selling, you’re foremost in their mind.


Launch Ongoing Promoter


Promoter Campaigns use Google AdWords technology to target and track clients in your target market wherever and whenever they go on the internet. For as little as $100 per week, you can display your best reviews to the people who are most likely to be interested – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. It’s a cost-effective, time-effective and subtle way to maintain a consistent presence.



A new way to canvass

Many agents still canvass potential vendors by phoning them. In reality, most people don’t want to talk about selling if they’re not actively thinking about it. Phone calls are also a labour-intensive way of engaging with potential vendors.


An Ongoing Agent Promoter campaign complements the traditional phone call method by giving consumers information about your experience and client service during that vital ‘transition phase’. When they do pick up the phone to call you about selling, they’ve done the legwork, and you know they’re already close to appointing an agent.


Speak with one of our friendly team members to discuss the best Ongoing Promoter Campaigns for your goals.





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