There's two new ways to get more reviews

There's two new ways to get more reviews

Mark Armstrong


8 MAY, 2018

Here's two new ways to get more reviews on RateMyAgent


RateMyAgent receives reviews for one in three properties sold across Australia. Around 250,000 unique visitors search every month – 200,000 of whom are end consumers (potential buyers and sellers).


In contrast, real estate agents send review requests for one in two properties sold in Australia – which means half the marketplace is missing out on the opportunity to review their real estate agent and provide valuable feedback about their service.


The reason RateMyAgent exists is to help consumers identify the best agents in their local market – and the best way to do that is to support great agents. We're excited to announce two new ways to boost your review count on RateMyAgent:


Three ways to get more reviews


  1. POST EXISTING REVIEWS: You now have the opportunity to post existing reviews you may have received through other avenues such as thank-you cards, emails, or other online platforms.
  2. SEARCH AGENT: Buyers and sellers now have the opportunity to go to their agent's profile, then post reviews which will then go through a verification process.

    You can still:
  3. REQUEST REVIEWS: Find the listing and reach out to the buyer or vendor to collect reviews for properties you've sold.


Post existing reviews now


Maintaining transparency standards

Remember: although we’re expanding the ways you can collect reviews, our standards remain the same.


  • Every review on our website is verified.
  • Every review is linked to a specific transaction.
  • We do not allow anonymous reviews – and we never will. For every review posted, we confirm the reviewer’s identity through their email address.
  • No-one can post a review on RateMyAgent without providing identifying information.


By giving you more ways to collect reviews, we’re making our website more transparent and accessible to consumers – and helping you learn from their feedback. It really is a win–win situation.



Release dates

These two updates are being rolled out in stages across the country. Here's a summary of the planned releases.


Post an existing review:

Is now live nationwide. We've a guide that will help you upload an existing review for the first time.


Search Agent reviews:

Is now live nationwide. 


How it works

As of today, every agent in Australia can post an existing review. We've a guide that will help you upload an existing review for the first time.


You can also see how both new ways to review work:


Blog: how it works



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