What winning a 2018 Agent of the Year award means
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What winning a 2018 Agent of the Year award means

Agent of the Year Award


22 February, 2018

Firstly, here's what it meant to one of our 2017 winners:

"It’s really important to have the backing of people who will sing your praises and reiterate what you’re trying to tell the clients."
Brad Allen, 2017 Agent of the Year for SA.

Take a minute to watch the top agents in Australia explaining why winning a 2018 Agent of the Year award is so important for their profile and their business.



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  1. Local, grassroots endorsement 

    Winning a 2018 Agent of the Year award for your suburb or town carries more weight with potential clients. That's because it’s based on the feedback you've sought from other locals who’ve bought and sold in your area by requesting a review off them.

  2. Quality, not quantity 

    An Agent of the Year award is the only real estate award in Australia determined by a combination of client feedback and how many properties you sell. A key indicator of this is your RMA Score - which you receive in your weekly Monday emails.

  3. Your's to use, all year long

    Winning a 2018 Agent of the Year award helps you stand out from the crowd. It also gives you exclusivity over the Agent of the Year title in your local area. You can promote your award for a whole year without others laying claim to your title.

  4. A digital marketing dream

    A 2018 Agent of the Year award can be promoted through Google’s Ad Display Network. Using our Promoter tool for agents or agency admins. You can run a digital ad campaign that reaches hundreds of thousands of people in your target market at the times they’re most likely to see it. 


"Customer reputation is pretty much the epitome of how we get business."
Jake Battenally (ACT), 2017 Top 100 for Australia.



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